Black Ink Upgrades

If you purchased Black Ink 1, you are entitled to a discounted or free upgrade to Black Ink 2.

Purchases made after January 1, 2018, are entitled to a free upgrade, All other Black Ink 1 purchasers are entitled to upgrade at a discounted price of $14.95.

If you purchased directly from the Red Sweater Store, you can unlock the upgrade after adding Black Ink 2 to your cart. Just check the “upgrade” box and enter your Black Ink 1 license information.

If you purchased from the Mac App Store, you can unlock the upgrade from within the Mac App Store version of the app. After you install Black Ink 2, select Black Ink -> In App Purchaseā€¦, then click the Upgrade Pricingā€¦ button in the lower right corner of that window.

Thanks for the interest in upgrading. We hope you enjoy Black Ink 2!