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Working with WordPress Blocks

WordPress 5.0, released in 2018, introduced a new concept to the web-based WordPress editor called “blocks”. Blocks are independently editable sections of a post that represent various types of content. Each block represents a section of text, an image, etc. and can be created and manipulated by dragging them around in the post. MarsEdit emphasizes […]

Using WordPress with MarsEdit

WordPress is a popular web hosting platform that integratees very well with MarsEdit. Because WordPress is open-source, there are a wide variety of hosting options, and a large community of users who share plugins, themes, and knowledge about the platform. If you are having trouble connecting MarsEdit to your WordPress site, be sure to review […]

WordPress Parsing Errors

If your connection to a WordPress blog is failing with a vague “WordPress XML parser” failure, it probably means that something is interfering with your blog’s ability to decode the messages that MarsEdit is sending to it. There are a few common causes for this problem: Conflicting Plugins. If your blog is self-hosted, you might […]

WordPress Hosting

Many MarsEdit customers choose to host their blogs with WordPress. Because WordPress is open-source software, there are many ways to run it on a server, ranging from the eponymous hosting service, to other commercial hosts, to installing the software yourself on a shared or dedicated hosting service. Fully Hosted Solutions Fully hosted solutions take […]