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Accessibility Permissions

If a script is run with FastScripts that depends upon macOS’s accessibility technologies, you may run into an error from the system stating that FastScripts does not have the required permissions. For example, an attempt to synthesize keystrokes with FastScripts could yield: System Events got an error: FastScripts is not allowed to send keystrokes. The […]

FastScripts: Feature Overview

FastScripts is the super-charged scripting utility for the Mac. Its custom keyboard shortcuts, superior script-running, and intuitive script management features help you get your work done quickly and elegantly. Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts Execute scripts from anywhere on your Mac, without leaving the keyboard! Anything that FastScripts can execute from its menu can be configured to […]

FastScripts: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to many common questions about FastScripts. Still have issues? Drop us a line! How Do Application-Specific Scripts Work? FastScripts uses the same cue as Apple’s Script Menu to determine whether a script belongs in the “Application Specific” section of the menu. Any folders inside the “Applications” folder of your “Scripts” folder are […]