Blogger Configuration

As of January, 2020, MarsEdit does not support publishing to Customers with existing Blogger configurations may be able to migrate authentication information from one Mac to another using these instructions. This should be considered a short-term workaround.

MarsEdit added support for Google’s way back in 2007, but in recent years Google’s support for the “API”, the interface by which third-party apps such as MarsEdit connect to the service, has waned.

In May, 2019, Google stopped supporting image uploads to Blogger blogs when it shut down its Picasa Photos product, and the associated API for that service.

In January, 2020, Google stopped allowing MarsEdit customers to authenticate with the service, because MarsEdit is not a “verified” app. The guidelines for making MarsEdit comply with Google’s requirements are rigorous, and there is no guarantee that MarsEdit would continue to be supported for the long term. We decided to to end support for the service rather than invest any more effort into what would be, at best, a lackluster user experience with the lack of photo-uploading support.

For customers who wish to keep using MarsEdit, we recommend switching to another blog-hosting service. Generally speaking, WordPress is a good solution for most blogging purposes. Review our list of recommended WordPress services, or ask your web hosting company about how to set up a WordPress blog on your existing site, if you have one.

If you’re looking for a more social blogging experience, we recommend