Micro.blog Configuration

These details pertain to the higher level Manual Configuration instructions. Please review that article and use the specific details obtained by the instructions below to finish connecting MarsEdit to your blog.

Typically MarsEdit will automatically detect the blog settings for a Micro.blog blog. If it fails, it probably has something to do with the custom theme for your blog, which may omit information about the blog’s capabilities from the web content of the blog.

How to get the API Endpoint URL

For Micro.blog blogs, the API Endpoint URL is always: https://micro.blog/xmlrpc.

How to get the Blog ID

Micro.blog assigns a unique numeric ID to each blog hosted on the service. There are many ways to determine the blog ID for your Micro.blog, but I’ll describe one reliably way:

  1. Open the Settings page on your Micro.blog account.
  2. Find the list of “Blogs” in the settings.
  3. Click on the “123 Posts” (or similar) link for the blog you are trying to configure.
  4. When list of posts is loaded, look in the navigation bar of the browser for the URL. It should look something like: https://micro.blog/account/posts/17815
  5. For your specific blog, the last number in the URL is the blog ID. In this example, 17815.