Tumblr Configuration

These details pertain to the higher level Manual Configuration instructions. Please review that article and use the specific details obtained by the instructions below to finish connecting MarsEdit to your blog.

Tumblr supports a variety of post kinds, in addition to regular text entries. When creating a new entry for
your Tumblr blog, you can change the post kind by choosing from the popup menu to the right of the blog selection
popup near the top of the post editor window.

Because of limitations in the Tumblr system, a post’s kind cannot be changed after it has been published. If you
want to change a post’s kind you will need to create a new post of the desired kind, copying and pasting the contents
from the old post. After you have published the new post, you can delete the original.

How to get the API Endpoint URL

The API Endpoint URL for all Tumblr blogs is: https://api.tumblr.com/v2/.

How to get the Blog ID

The blog ID for a Tumblr blog is the unique part of your Tumblr homepage URL. For example, if your blog’s home URL were: https://redsweater.tumblr.com/, the blog ID would be redsweater.