Flickr Integration

As of MarsEdit 4, Flickr integration is no longer officially supported. As Flickr use has become less prevalent, and its future unertain, we did not want to commit to long-term support for the service. With the recent SmugMug acquisition, we may re-evaluate that decision.

We did leave existing support for Flickr in the app, so that people who were already using it can keep doing so. It should have remained active if you were running MarsEdit 4 from the same Mac as MarsEdit 3. If it’s not visible in the Media Manager, you can re-enable it by following these steps:

  1. Open MarsEdit.
  2. Click this link to activate the “secret” preference in MarsEdit.
  3. Quit MarsEdit, re-open it, and look in the Media Manager for the Flickr tab.

We will continue to support Flickr in this manner unless something changes dramatically in Flickr’s support for third-party clients such as MarsEdit.