Make Links Open in New Window

By default, links added with MarsEdit do not have any special behavior to cause them to open in a new window or tab. If you want a link in your blog post to open a new window when users click it, you can use MarsEdit’s custom formatting macros to achieve this.

  1. Open a new post to get access to the Format menu.
  2. Select Format -> Customize… (bottom of the menu).
  3. Click the + button to make a new macro.
  4. Name it something like “Link in New Window”
  5. Enter this text for the opening markup:

    <a href="#askurl#" target="_blank">

  6. Enter this text for the closing markup:


  7. Give it a keyboard shortcut if you like.
  8. Now when you select Format -> Link in New Window, the generated HTML will cause the link to be opened in a window when clicked.