MarsEdit 4 and the Mac App Store

Starting with MarsEdit 4, MarsEdit is available as a free download on the Mac App Store.

After you download the app, you may unlock a free, 14-day trial from within the app. Just select MarsEdit -> In App Purchase…, then click the Free Trial… button in that window.

If you decide to purchase MarsEdit 4, you can unlock full functionality from within that same window. If you choose not to pay, you can use MarsEdit 4 indefinitely with the only restriction that changes to your blogs cannot be published.

Please be aware that because of the way Apple describes “Purchases” in the Mac App Store, it may appear that you have already paid for MarsEdit 4, when you have only downloaded the app to use for free. If you think you already purchased a full license through the Mac App Store, click the “Restore Purchase…” to connect to the Mac App Store and download your proof-of-purchase. If this doesn’t work, search your email records or Apple’s purchase history for your account, to see if you specifically purchased an in-app purchase to unlock functionality.