MarsEdit Alternatives

We think MarsEdit is the best way to write and edit blog posts, especially when working on a Mac. But not everybody has the luxury of using a Mac all the time, and even when they do, other options might be preferable for some workflows. Here are some alternatives to MarsEdit that may be more suitable to your blogging needs.

On Windows

When working on Windows, two well-established options are BlogJet, a commercial app, and Open Live Writer, a free, open-source option that is based on Microsoft’s discontinued Windows Live Writer.

On the Mac

Historically there were more options on the Mac, including well-loved apps such as Ecto, Blogo, and Desk. In recent years these apps have either been discontinued or are not as well-maintained as they once were. The best alternative to MarsEdit is probably the official WordPress Desktop app from Automattic. This app has a very web-style interface but runs natively on your Mac. Unfortunately it does not support any alternative blog systems to WordPress.

If you use, you might prefer the official app, which is exclusively suited to that service, but which offers a streamlined native app for both writing new blog posts and reading posts from others.

Byword supports publishing to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium.

Drafts supports publishing to a large variety of services including WordPress and Medium.

Ulysses supports publishing to WordPress,, and Medium.

Any of Byword, Drafts, or Ulysses might be a good choice for bloggers who have limited need to revise existing posts, or who prefer the editing interface of the respective app. They are also a good option for bloggers who use Medium, which many other apps don’t support because of its limited API.

On iOS

Byword, Drafts,, and Ulysses all offer iOS versions as well, so if they meet your needs then they are a good option. For WordPress bloggers, you’re probably best off with the official WordPress Mobile app.

On Android

We are not as familiar with Android options but at least for WordPress users, the official WordPress Mobile app is probably a good choice.

On the Web

The vast majority of blogging services offer some built-in web-based interface for writing and editing blog content. For example, the “wp-admin” interface to WordPress blogs offers a full-featured editing experience, which is increasingly based around the notion of “blocks” used to comprise a blog post. At Red Sweater we prefer to focus on a traditional “Classic Editor” style of writing, but if you are heavily invested in WordPress Blocks then using the web-based interface or the official app for iOS, Android, or Mac is probably a good option.