Manual Configuration

If MarsEdit fails to automatically detect your blog’s settings, you can configure it manually.

  1. Select the blog from the Blogs list in the main window.
  2. Choose the Blog > Edit Settings… menu item.
  3. Select the Connection tab within blog settings.

The Connection tab of the blog’s settings contains the pertinent settings. The Blog Name and Homepage URL should already be filled in. If the URL is incorrect, enter the correct URL and click Auto-Detect Settings From URL to see if configuration can be detected.

If you are still missing settings, follow these instructions for determining the appropriate value for each field:

  • System Name: select the server software that runs your blog. If it’s not listed, select Other.
  • System API: leave the default selection as is, unless you are sure you want to choose an alternative. If you selected “Other” for the system name, you’ll need to consult the blog system’s documentation to find out which API it supports, and select the appropriate API here.
  • API Endpoint URL: specify the URL of the API endpoint on your system. This is not the URL of your RSS or Atom feed. If you are not sure what the URL is for your blog system’s API, see the system-specific instructions linked below, or search the documentation for your blog service to see which API URL corresponds to the blogging API they support.
  • Blog ID: specify the number or username that uniquely identifies your blog. Different systems have different ways of letting you find out what the Blog ID is. If in doubt, try simply specifying “1”.

Additional advice is available for manually configuring these popular blogging services:

If your system is not listed above, you’ll need to find out which generic blogging API it conforms to, if any. The best way to find this is to search documentation for terms like “XMLRPC”. Many systems support the “MetaWeblog” or “Movable Type” APIs.

When you’re finished, click the OK to save your changes. Then click Refresh from the main window’s toolbar to try connecting to your blog again.