WordPress.com Authentication

If you are using WordPress.com to host your blog, the password you use with MarsEdit depends on whether you have enabled Two-Step Authentication, and whether you are connecting to a free or a paid site. Standard Authentication If you have not enabled Two-Step Authentication, use your WordPress.com username or email, and your main WordPress.com password […]

Working with WordPress Blocks

WordPress 5.0, released in 2018, introduced a new concept to the web-based WordPress editor called “blocks”. Blocks are independently editable sections of a post that represent various types of content. Each block represents a section of text, an image, etc. and can be created and manipulated by dragging them around in the post. MarsEdit emphasizes […]

Web Host Response: humans_21909

Some web hosting companies configure their customers’ sites by default so that they reject requests that match a profile that is deemed to be suspicious. These setups can be particularly vexing, because the connection might work perfectly until one day the content of one of your posts happens to trigger the security warning, and your […]

MarsEdit: Only Some of my Posts are Downloaded

By default, MarsEdit attempts to download all of the posts (and pages, where pertinent) that are associated with your blog. If you are seeing a smaller number of posts appear in MarsEdit than you expect, here are some troubleshotting steps you can take to solve the problem: Confirm your blog system supports downloading all posts. […]