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MarsEdit works great with, and includes a number of features specifically targeting the platform. Configuring MarsEdit for If you don’t already have your configured in MarsEdit, check out the help page on using MarsEdit. The main thing to know is that you will need to generate a token for MarsEdit to […]

Migrating Blogger Authentication

In January, 2020, MarsEdit dropped official support for the publishing platform. One of the reasons for dropping support is a change in Google policy that makes it impossible to create new authorizations to Blogger with MarsEdit. Existing MarsEdit customers who have a functioning connection to Blogger may be able to migrate the authentication information […]

WordPress Requires PHP-XML

If you are self-hosting WordPress on your own Linux server, you need to make sure you have installed the PHP-XML module. Without this module, you may see an error from MarsEdit about a failure to “parse the XML document”. This error comes from your WordPress installation, and typically means it doesn’t have the library support […]

Capturing a Network Log

For MarsEdit to work perfectly with your blog, the communication with your blog’s server software needs to work perfectly. If you are experiencing any problems, ranging from a completely failure to connect and refresh your blog, to subtle issues with minor updates to your posts, it may be helpful to capture a network log to […]

Configuring WordPress Custom Fields in MarsEdit

Custom fields are a powerful feature of many WordPress blogs. You can add custom fields to support specific behaviors that are not supported by default. You might add custom fields to support plugins that do SEO optimization, associate custom downloadable data with a post, or to control some other feature of a custom theme or […]

Flickr Integration

As of MarsEdit 4, Flickr integration is no longer officially supported. As Flickr use has become less prevalent, and its future unertain, we did not want to commit to long-term support for the service. With the recent SmugMug acquisition, we may re-evaluate that decision. We did leave existing support for Flickr in the app, so that […]

MarsEdit: Only Some of my Posts are Downloaded

By default, MarsEdit attempts to download all of the posts (and pages, where pertinent) that are associated with your blog. If you are seeing a smaller number of posts appear in MarsEdit than you expect, here are some troubleshotting steps you can take to solve the problem: Confirm your blog system supports downloading all posts. […]

TypePad Connection Failures

If you are having trouble connecting to your blog, it may be due to a change in TypePad’s server policy for connections to its API (the interface that apps like MarsEdit connect to). Starting in late 2018, TypePad has apparently started requiring that all connections be made over “HTTPS” the encrypted version of the […]

MarsEdit 4 and the Mac App Store

Starting with MarsEdit 4, MarsEdit is available as a free download on the Mac App Store. After you download the app, you may unlock a free, 14-day trial from within the app. Just select MarsEdit -> In App Purchase…, then click the Free Trial… button in that window. If you decide to purchase MarsEdit 4, […]

MarsEdit Upgrades

If you purchased MarsEdit 4, you are entitled to a discounted or free upgrade to MarsEdit 5. Purchases made on or after June 1, 2022, are entitled to a free upgrade, All other MarsEdit 4 license holders are entitled to upgrade at a discounted price of $29.95. Licenses for MarsEdit 3 and earlier are not […]