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Make Links Open in New Window

By default, links added with MarsEdit do not have any special behavior to cause them to open in a new window or tab. If you want a link in your blog post to open a new window when users click it, you can use MarsEdit’s custom formatting macros to achieve this. Open a new post […] Configuration

These details pertain to the higher level Manual Configuration instructions. Please review that article and use the specific details obtained by the instructions below to finish connecting MarsEdit to your blog. Typically MarsEdit will automatically detect the blog settings for a blog. If it fails, it probably has something to do with the custom […] Authentication

If you are using to host your blog, the password you use with MarsEdit depends on whether you have enabled Two-Step Authentication, and whether you are connecting to a free or a paid site. Standard Authentication If you have not enabled Two-Step Authentication, use your username or email, and your main password […]

Embedding Video in Posts

To embed videos in your blog post, you have a few options. The easiest is to use a popular video-hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo. Storing videos on a dedicated video-hosting service ensures you won’t use an excessive amount of bandwidth hosting the video on your own blog’s web hosting server. Video-hosting services also […]

Scheduling Posts for Future Publication

By default, posts that are sent from MarsEdit to your blog are published immediately. Many blog hosting services support a feature that facilitates “scheduled posts”, which are not published immediately when sent to your blog. To take advantage of this, use the Post -> Set Date to set a date in the future when you’d […]

Working with WordPress Blocks

WordPress 5.0, released in 2018, introduced a new concept to the web-based WordPress editor called “blocks”. Blocks are independently editable sections of a post that represent various types of content. Each block represents a section of text, an image, etc. and can be created and manipulated by dragging them around in the post. MarsEdit emphasizes […]

MarsEdit Alternatives

We think MarsEdit is the best way to write and edit blog posts, especially when working on a Mac. But not everybody has the luxury of using a Mac all the time, and even when they do, other options might be preferable for some workflows. Here are some alternatives to MarsEdit that may be more […]

Whitelisting MarsEdit

Among the common connection problems that may prevent MarsEdit from communicating with your blog is the deliberate blocking of WordPress’s API (the interface MarsEdit connects to your blog through) by your web hosting provider, or by a WordPress plugin. In these situations, it can be useful to “whitelist” MarsEdit so that it is allowed to […]

Using Markdown with MarsEdit

For years, MarsEdit has supported Markdown in a manner that makes it easy to write, preview, and publish to a blog without ever working directly with HTML or Rich Text. MarsEdit doesn’t have an explicit “Markdown mode,” but it does support Markdown through its flexible “Preview Filters” mechanism. Here are some guidelines to follow when […]

Web Host Response: humans_21909

Some web hosting companies configure their customers’ sites by default so that they reject requests that match a profile that is deemed to be suspicious. These setups can be particularly vexing, because the connection might work perfectly until one day the content of one of your posts happens to trigger the security warning, and your […]